Frisbee Tournaments

148. New Zealand Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 15/11/2013 - 17/11/2013
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Team name: Ballarat Ultimate
Finishing postion: 2nd last

We found $200 return tickets to Auckland so couldn't pass up going to NZ Mixed Nats. Glenn, Millerine, Megs and I picked up with the Ballarat guys after Amy Thornton suggested it. We were basically a pickup team with five from Ballarat, a few from Melbourne, a few from New Zealand, and us. We found out early on the first day that we were pretty rubbish, with mostly either inexperienced or very unfit players, but we were good enough to be competitive against the lower level teams. We also drank a lot and got on very well as a group.

We introduced Estonian Zone (FSU) fairly early on and it was effective against most teams. A few of our losses were very close, but it was only our last game that we won.

The main party was pretty rubbish but we managed to make a good party ourselves. Many vodka apple bombers were consumed, and we had social events back at the hotel and at the house of one of our local team members. We went out for karaoke after the tournament before our early flight home, which made working the next day very difficult.

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