Frisbee Tournaments

153. Sydney-Melbourne Open

Date: 22/02/2014 - 23/02/2014
Location: Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank, Australia
Team name: Magnum
Finishing postion: 9 or 10/13

We played the Saturday with only 10 players and it was exhausting. We performed very well against Colony, going down 13-9, and then not so well against Phat Chilly. Our last game was against team we were pretty evenly matched against (Outbreak, from Adelaide), but after a few points I was confident of a win. We flagged with our small team though, with a few of us unable to take subs at all in the second half. We were still running strongly on defence at the end, but our decisions on offence were affected by our tiredness and we lost in universe after starting on O. Sunday we had more subs and won all our games, against the two Bench teams and against DUFF.

We didn't party with the other teams on Saturday night, but we did get solidly drunk at a local Japanese restaurant and at Mark's place.

This was a fun weekend, both for the way Magnum were playing, and for having a few drinks on Saturday night. It felt more like a proper tournament than any in Sydney for many years.

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