Frisbee Tournaments

166. Bare Bones

Date: 22/03/2015
Location: Thomas Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Australia
Team name: Magnum
Finishing postion:

This was a one day tournament on the Sunday, and I did a bike pub crawl the day before with Glenn, Ian, and a bunch of others who weren’t playing. We rode about 50km from Waterfall to Wollongong, taking our time and stopping at all the pubs along the way. It was a good day, ending with a late night out with Alex Pentony Vran who’s place we crashed at.

We also met Rosie Dawson at the pub who we asked to play with us, knowing we’d be low on numbers. She was a good fit for the team and was able to match it against the men, so that was awesome.

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