Frisbee Tournaments

167. Division 2 Australian Ultimate Championships

Date: 11/04/2015 - 12/04/2015
Location: Tempe Recreational Reserve, Tempe, Australia
Team name: Magnum
Finishing postion: 4th/19

Having committed to Div 2 instead of Div 1, Magnum hadn’t prepared as well as we normally would, with both team training and with individual fitness. We were really there for a bit of fun, and it showed both in our on field performance, which was under par. It was fun though.

We all stayed in a dodgy hotel in Newtown. Even though it wasn’t far from home, it really made it to be all staying together anyway.

We lost to DUFF in a super windy semi final that went to serve, with two upwinders in the game. We tried to forfeit the third place playoff, but WAnchors weren’t having any of it, so we played a half hour game and didn’t take it very seriously.

I was TD for this tournament, along with Richard. I did a lot of work in the lead up, but was playing so he did all the work on the ground during the tournament. It was raining heavily in the week leading up to the tournament, and we didn’t know the fields would be open until about 2pm on the Friday. That was stressful. In the end I was proud of the tournament - the fields were a bit dodgy, but the tournament went without any major hitches and the party was the only ever worthwhile Div II party.

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