Frisbee Tournaments

177. Bare Bones II

Date: 20/03/2016
Location: Thomas Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Australia
Team name: DUFF Men
Finishing postion: 4th/7

Pottsy and I did the Waterfall to Wollongong pub ride on Saturday, with Sara Cargill. We ended up drinking with the Barramundis who had their training camp that weekend. It was good to see the team bonding well and having fun. We stayed at Shayna’s parents place, although I never actually got to meet them because we got home late and I left early.

The tournament itself was OK, but the high winds were an equaliser in the games. No spirit scores were handed in, but DUFF were the only non Wollongong team who hung around for the awards ceremony, so the bottle of bourbon or something spirit prize was awarded to us. It gave us something to drink on the train ride home. It’s actually a pretty well organised one day tournament, with lined fields and beers at the end. Hopefully it grows over time.

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