Frisbee Tournaments

180. Australian Beach Ultimate Championships

Date: 28/05/2016 - 29/05/2016
Location: Coolangatta, Qld, Australia
Team name: BUFF
Finishing postion: 6th/13

The highlights:

- The team hitting the high note of Take On Me at the café at lunchtime on Sunday. Nailed it.

- Attempted layout D. I missed it, but it was an early read of the play and a good bid.

- Layout grab on a huck. It just felt good.

We started out terribly and came last in our pool of three, after being seeded top. We were playing pretty abysmally. One of those losses was in universe point, with a drop in the end zone (not by me). Having an easy third game of the day was good for our spirits.

The second day we did much better, and destroyed Dusty’s team in our pre quarter, then beat Glenn and Neil’s team by a few after losing to one of the strong Sydney teams. Our final game was against one of the Adelaide teams, and they really had us for speed all day.

I had a coffee on Saturday and the party got a bit too epic. There was a lot of time spent drinking in the spa. I ended up losing my phone in Tweed Heads, and used Richard’s phone and Find My Phone to find it in the morning. I’d left it on a bench somewhere, and it was still there. Good times.

Sunday night was quite relaxing as well. I crashed at the penthouse. Such a good tournament.

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