Frisbee Tournaments

185. Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 21/10/2016 - 23/10/2016
Location: St Marys, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Team name: Tarmac
Finishing postion: 21st/23

It rained heavily on Friday night, closing some of the fields on Saturday. We came fifth in our pool of sixth, then had a prequarter against VLS who had come fourth. They cancelled prequarters because of the rained out fields, so we automatically registered a loss and went down to play a crossover against Hills. They beat us pretty soundly, leaving us in semis and final of the bottom four (which included a bye). We won those games very easily to come 21st. The way the bye fell in the draw meant we never go to play Lounge Lizards and Kaf who were probably our closest competition, given that the team we beat closely in the pools ended amongst them.

I was the only person keen to stay out at St Mary’s and not commute every day. I stayed at Richard Maligalig’s parents place nearby on Friday night, but got a lift back home from the part on Saturday, so took the offer up. Tournaments are never as good when you’re not staying together as a team. That and nobody from my team attending the party are probably my only complaints about the tournament.

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