Frisbee Tournaments

187. Melbourne Hat 28

Date: 10/12/2016 - 11/12/2016
Location: Middle Park, Melbourne, Australia
Team name: Two Ducks
Finishing postion: 5th/24

Stayed with Ian, Richard, Neil, Amy Barnes, Millerine, Gabi, Thang, Leungie, Mrinal, Glenn and Scotty in some apartments. The golf was fun, and the party was great even though there weren\'t as many people as usual (or maybe was better because of that).

Two Ducks was a solid team just because everyone could play. There were no annoying players who held the disc too long or anything like that, and we shredded zone with fast movement. A really good bunch of people, too.

We drew our first game with Millerine, Andy Plummer, and Wazza\'s team, then won all the other games in our pool. They did the same with the same for and against to tie to top the pool. The play off was a throw off for closest to the opposite brick. Our rep, Shaun, beat Wazza with a hammer and a very happy crowd of fans.

The quarter was our only loss for the tournament.

Millerine and I stayed Sunday night and flew to Helsinki on the Monday.

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