Frisbee Tournaments

190. Australian Ultimate Championships Division II 2017

Date: 01/04/2017 - 02/04/2017
Location: Thomas Dalton Park, Wollongong, Australia
Team name: Combine
Finishing postion: 5th/20

Our result at Regionals gave us the first seed for Div II from the East, and the first seed for the tournament. We had a pretty easy pool on paper, but Ballarat gave us a real competition. We won 14-11 after being down two breaks early in the game. The youngsters I was used to playing with in NZ played great, and everyone else on their team was fairly solid. Other than that we won all of our pool games easily, including against Bench.

We skipped our prequarter and went straight to a quarter, which was again OK on paper as it was against 2nd or 3rd from another pool, but the defending champions Fyshwick Unit played smarter in the strong winds and beat us soundly. We had the first break, but they went on a run of five or six to get an unassailable lead. We lost 11-5, leaving us in the 5-8 bracket. Fyshwick won the tournament, which was a small consolation.

We won our semi easily, but the final, for 5th place, was against Townsville. We had a comfortable lead at half, but let them get three in a row to tie it up at the end. A universe point win left me with a feeling of relief rather than ecstatic for it.

I came into the tournament with all sorts of injuries. For the most part I was either able to find a suitable matchup, or we played zone, and was able to force a bunch of turns, including a layout D. Whenever we were playing man D against a quality O line I was in trouble though, so although I was happy with how I played, I wasn’t really up for playing high level games.

The party was good fun (apart from injuries causing me troubles on the dance floor), and the team did a good job of staying up and enjoying themselves. Tempest also had a good time, and backed up by taking silver in the women’s competition.

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