Frisbee Tournaments

193. Australian Beach Ultimate Championships

Date: 27/05/2017 - 28/05/2017
Location: Coolangatta, Australia
Team name: Don't Panic
Finishing postion: 12/21

I put this team together to be an experienced team where everyone could play reasonably good ultimate, as well as be great fun off the field. It succeeded on the off field fun for sure, with a solid bit of partying and banter. On field we had heaps of cold drops, but also had some great plays and a pretty good structure. Silent George was unknown to most of the players on the team, but he earned respect early with an awesome high grab. Our first game was a win and captured on video, which was nice.

I was only really disappointed with our play in the last game against Paradigm. It looked as though tiredness from the party had really set in by then, and I (and others) made more silly mistakes.

Shayna won tournament MVP, which was exciting.

Yet again, Beach Nats was a strong candidate for tournament of the year.

Video of our first game
Statistics from our first game

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