Frisbee Tournaments

195. Sydney Winter Series 3

Date: 13/08/2017
Location: Moore Park, Sydney, Australia
Team name: Tarmac
Finishing postion: 9/10

This was a weaker Tarmac team amongst a pretty strong field for a winter series. We only beat the DUFF B team, but had mostly close games. The standout was playing well above expectations to lose in universe to a very strong DUFF A. I caught a fouled huck from Hoff over Chirlin (it was awesome) and we subsequently scored a goal, but it was called back to me due to a misunderstanding of the play on rule and miscommunication from DUFF. I argued it a bit but it wasn't worth it in a small tournament, and I also expected us to score the point anyway. But it wasn't to be and they ended up with that goal. It wasn't the last point, but it was key. A win over DUFF A would have been amazing for the inexperienced players on the team, but it was still a good day and a good performance from an inexperienced team.

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