Frisbee Tournaments

196. NSW Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 09/09/2017 - 10/09/2017
Location: Goulburn, Australia
Team name: Tarmac
Finishing postion: 12/19

Goulburn was supposed to be ridiculously cold that weekend, but we had a late start on Saturday and missed the worst of it. I played with some Bunnings gardening gloves in the first game and liked them, so kept them for the rest of the tournament.

We were seeded 11th, but I think we did well to come 12th, and at times played well above expectations. With our four wins and four losses, two wins and one loss were in universe, and against Manly we lost by one point at hard cap, having scored the last few points. That was disappointing, but the win against Hills Youth (who are going to Div 1) was great. Our 11th place playoff was against Incredible Hucks. They got a lead early, but we learned how to defend against them and eventually lost in universe.

I had a couple of grabs over people, which is unusual for me. One was over Alex Shepherd which was celebration worthy, and one was over a pack including a tall dude, I think against Hills Youth.

The party was completely dead so we went home to drink. We had a good team for it, so it was a fun night.

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