Frisbee Tournaments

197. Hong Kong Pan Asia Tournament

Date: 14/10/2017 - 15/10/2017
Location: Tai Hung Tung Recreation Ground, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Team name: Beer Kitty
Finishing postion: No result as tournament cancelled, but we were dominating

Will MK and his friend Aaron were going to be in Hong Kong for a wedding, so put together this pickup team. It was full of strong players who were there to have fun, so it was bound to be a good time. I arrived on Thursday and meet up with a couple of the players for drinks, then on Friday met more for a bushwalk along Dragon's Back. I did another bushwalk after the tournament - the tracks in Hong Kong are great. By dinner Friday night I had met most of the team, who seemed about half from the US or Canada, and half from Asia, but a lot of whom had played together at some stage.

The Saturday games were a long slog between 8am and 6pm, with 5 full length games. We played the top seed first up, and went down a couple of breaks early, but after learning to play together and calling a few lines, managed to win by 3. It wasn't easy, but our team was strong and playing well. The rest of the games were not too hard (including a 13-0 whitewash) until we played Junk. They went up two breaks immediately, and it was a real battle to bring it back, but again we won by 3. That was the hardest game of the day, as their defence put on a lot of pressure. This put us as top seed going into the quarters.

I was happy with how I played. I handled all day and didn't make many mistakes, and threw a bunch of assists. It was fun playing with such a strong team.

Lunch and dinner was delicious dim sum, and then a bunch of us had a foot and shoulder massage before the party. It was so amazing we had another one the next day. The party was epic, and great fun - Beer Kitty owned it.

The Sunday games were called off because of a typhoon. It was incredibly disappointing as we'd traveled so far and were doing so well. It feels like unfinished business, and I loved the team, so I hope we get the opportunity to have another crack at the title.

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