Frisbee Tournaments

201. Newcastle Gold Cup

Date: 20/01/2018 - 21/01/2018
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Team name: Combine Y
Finishing postion: Undefined, but about 7th/10

Combine split evenly as X and Y for the season, but this was before selections and just whoever could come along. We had a small team but picked up a couple of Irish u24 Worlds players. They were good players and were out to have fun, so they fit in well.

We won all our first day games against U Beam, Ironbark, and Bench B, then lost all our second day games against Bench A, Krank, and the other Combine team.

The highlight was the win against Ironbark. We started off a bit rusty and were down about 8-6 at half. Then we just collapsed and it blew out to 13-6. They were coming down with long shots whatever D we tried, and even if we had them covered they would still either beat us in the air or get a bit lucky. Our O was not happening, with a lot of weak drops and throwaways. We finally scored a point and put on a 2-3-2, which just worked against their lack of experience. They never managed to adapt on O, and we were shutting them down and getting turns pretty easily, then our O found its feet and we didn’t turn it for 8 defensive points to be up 14-13. In game point we had about 5 turns, but we still managed to stick it in for a 15-13 win, off a 9 point comeback. Glorious.

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