Frisbee Tournaments

202. Eastern Regional Ultimate Championships 2018

Date: 03/03/2018 - 04/03/2018
Location: Dickson Playing Fields, Canberra, Australia
Team name: Combine Stout
Finishing postion: 13/17

We had a tough pool with a tight matchup against Bench 2 to make it through to the power pools, and we lost in a tight one. So Saturday we lost all three pool games, putting us in a 13 - 17 bracket against relatively weak teams.

Saturday night we let loose a bit, having failed to give ourselves a chance at many competitive games. It was a late night at Bent Spoke then Mooseheads, and a lot of fun.

The early start was definitely not fun. We had four games scheduled of which one, against Manly, was very competitive. It was one of our better games, which was good because it was the filmed game. We won it fairly convincingly in the end, then had no competition from the other teams in the pool. The last game was against a beginner team, and they were happy to concede so everyone could go home early.

A pretty weak showing as far as competitive ultimate goes, but a fun Saturday nonetheless.

Stout vs Manly video stream

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