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204. Australian Ultimate Championships Division 2

Date: 13/04/2018 - 15/04/2018
Location: Thomas Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow, Australia
Team name: Combine Stout
Finishing postion: 12/24

Stout had a tough pool of 6, but a universe point win against Sublime and an easy win against Nomads, and no real blowouts against us. The Sublime game was filmed.

Our cross over was sadly against the other Combine team, Sprout. It was a great game in a strong cross wind, but we won in a tight contest. This put us into the middle 9 - 16 quarters and them into the bottom 17-24 quarters - nice to win, but not good for them to go down that way. The quarter was against Bench (Free Lunch) in a strong up/down wind. Scoring upwind was hard, but they struggled to score downwind more, and the score blew out to 9-2 our way before the best part of the tournament.

About 20 minutes into that point, more than 10 minutes after time cap, Sacha threw a callahan on purpose. Nobody was anywhere nearby apart from his mark, and he just floated the disc out into space for his mark to catch. We were struggling to score upwind in this point, and they seemed incapable of scoring downwind despite having it on the line with a 4 - 1 player advantage a few times. It was both hilarious and painful, and eventually Sacha snapped and threw a callahan. It was amazing. 3 minutes later we scored the downwinder to win 10-3. Quite a few people on Bench, including coach Ash, were particularly unhappy about the event.

The next day sucked. Crazy strong up/down wind (apparently 70+ km/hr), and we lost the toss both times to lose (although we did let an upwind score both times, albeit more from a lack of interest in playing in shit conditions than anything). The final was cancelled, and our game against Ballarat was the only placing game played. It was unpleasant, and a disappointing end to a fun tournament.

Stout vs Sublime video stream

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