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206. Australian Beach Ultimate Championships

Date: 26/05/2018 - 27/05/2018
Location: Coolangatta Beach, Australia
Team name: Beer Kitty
Finishing postion: 7/16

The same team as last year (Don't Panic) renamed to Beer Kitty, and stealing the jersey design from Hong Kong Beer Kitty, who stole the name from us before we used it. Beer Kitty has become a bit of a franchise already, with a Beer Kitty team also going to Canadian Nationals this year.

The team was different to last year, with some solid replacements for those who couldn't make it. It was half Inner West players and half Manly, with a couple of solid pickups. All fitting under the general banner of "fun people who know how to play ultimate". We came together really well in the first game, convincingly beating Brew from SA who were seeded well above us, and from then on the results were all pretty much as expected. Our deep game was effective from the start.

We pretty quickly adapted the same "meow" cheer as in Hong Kong, and had fun annoying the opposition with that for the rest of the tournament.

The party was reasonable - lots of dancing but no after party except with the team back at our hotel. There was creme de menthe. Glenn ended up in a real mess the next morning and couldn't play the first game.

The draw was a bit dull, with a round robin then a placing game. We were a clear 4th in our pool, and got to play our only really close game in the 7/8 playoff against Sandstorm (Dusty, Tamara, Al Don, Silent George the traitor et al - a solid experienced team). We took it in universe with a layout catch from Shayna. 11-10 after being up 10-5.

EJ, our Christchurch import, won our team MVP, and took our mascot Beer Kitty back to NZ.

Awesome team. Awesome tournament.

Live stream of 7/8 playoff vs Sandstorm

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