Frisbee Tournaments

208. World Masters Ultimate Club Championships

Date: 29/07/2018 - 04/08/2018
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Team name: DUFF Stout
Finishing postion: 19/21

We won our first game of the tournament 15-11 against a Singapore team, which settled our nerves and gave us some confidence we could win games.

We were beaten convincingly (15-5 or so) by every other team in our pool.

The draw put us in a bottom 5 round robin, for 17th to 21st. All games were tough. We were beaten by Wolpertinger about 15-9, then had a cracker 15-14 win against the French team Raging Bananas. We got up early with long shots (long shots to Al Murray being our speciality), before they adjusted by bracketing with a very deep poach. It was my ideal offence conditions - just letting everyone else run around and find the unmarked under space - but we still managed to fuck up and let them back into the game. It was a relief to win that one, as it pretty much assured us not coming last.

Against Team Mexico we played much better. They had a small roster, and the advice we were given was "play man D, and they'll get tired". So of course we played zone defence for most of the first half, and it was pretty even. Eventually we played man D and 100% focused on stopping unders, as their deep shots weren't working. For once everyone on the team got the message and our D was great. On offence it was similar to the France game - they bracketed ineffectively and gave us easy unders. We won that game convincingly in the end.

The highlight (lowlight?) was a major spirit issue, with one of our players calling injury when he was obviously not injured. He was more just about to explode in anger after a run of travel calls and revenge calls in a very long point, so called injury to come off the field.

The final game against Singapore decided 18th place. We were up 14-11 and lost 14-15. We made easily avoidable strategic mistakes, but that's the fate of a mid level team with no coach.

I had two turns in the tournament. The first was a leading throw to Chirlin in the end zone that was a terrible option, and the second was a hilariously terrible layout attempt to collect a wayward handblocked forehand from Neil. My hamstring went in the push off for the half arsed dive, and I dropped it. I had three separate hamstring injuries, and one day off playing on the second day, but felt great by the end of the tournament.

Fun wise, we were loose enough, and everyone got along great - there wasn't a single person on the team who I would have preferred not be there. Joe Leung probably provided the most entertainment value, but Darron had his moments as well. Good times.

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