Frisbee Tournaments

215. Terrigal Towel XXI

Date: 04/05/2019 - 05/05/2019
Location: Wamberal Beach, Australia
Team name: Coming of Sage
Finishing postion: 1/8

This year was really fun. I took the train to Gosford and rode my bike to Wamberal. Friday night at the haunted house was a great time playing liars dice. We had 13 people staying at the house, so it was a reasonable party.

We lost two and won three on the first day. Our team was good, but there wasn't much between the teams. Our team seemed to have more depth than most because our least experienced players were still pretty handy and didn’t throw it away.

The party was awesome. Sam Howard hosted it at his house in Avoca, with a live band, DJ, a variety of paella being served, and a spa. Great fun.

We ended the pool games with 4 wins, 2 losses, and a draw, which was enough to rank us first. The quarter was against last place who were one of the teams that beat us on Saturday, but we dominated the game 11-2. It was Glenn and Richard's team.

The semi was against a stacked team of Sep, Shayna, Chirlin, Paul, and Marty Laird. It was a hard game, but we won 7-5.

The final was against Greenie's team. We had beaten them 8-2 in the pool, but this was much harder. We were up 8-6, but they brought it back to universe. I threw a forehand huck to Pottsy and it went out the back, but Alice got it back straight away and scored for the win.

Gabi and Ian drove me and Glenn back to Sydney, as they had the bike rack on the car, and we were lazy.

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